Regardless of a facility’s size or previous purpose, ERSI has the expertise to decommission it in preparation for future demolition, or for it to be maintained in a “caretaker” mode for a period of time.

ERSI has extensive experience in selective building decommissioning as well as decommissioning an entire campus. Decommissioning work has taken us throughout the country to pharmaceutical labs; food processing plants and chemical manufacturing facilities.

The initial step in decommissioning any site is a survey/site assessment. ERSI welcomes the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with corporate consultants; alternately, ERSI is positioned to take the lead and direct the assessment to completion. Upon completion of the facility’s decommissioning phase, the site is ready for the next step in its transformation. Based upon the survey/assessment, ERSI completes the removal of all hazardous materials at the facility. This may include, but is not limited to:

Decommissioning Capabilities

  • Pipe decontamination and tank cleaning
  • Plant fluids and chemical recovery
  • Closure and/or removal of underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • PCB removal and containerizing
  • Asset recovery
  • Equipment sales and recycling
  • Materials Salvaging
  • Abatement and disposal of hazardous materials

Decommissioning Projects:

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Abatement: fantastic, high level organizational skills, very good paperwork. Demolition: excellent oversight and safety ‘firmness’. Excellent communication, timely field meetings, attendance & input at progress mtgs. was excellent.

Mark Donnelly, Facilities Manager
Carrier Corporation

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