Wickes Furniture Warehouse

Location: Los Angeles (Van Nuys), CA
Project Value: < $1MM

Scope of Work: ERSI was contracted by local developer to complete the demolition of two concrete structures, including slabs, foundation and docks (38,000 sq ft and 100,000 sq ft) within the footprint of where a new 24-hour fitness center is to be built. Wall heights of both structures were in excess of forty feet. ERSI removed the pile caps and piles, as well as crushed all masonry materials onsite to 1ā€¯minus size; the concrete material was recycled and used as backfill. All structural steel was segregated and sold as scrap material. At the end of the project, ERSI will have successfully recycled 95% of all building materials. All work was completed in accordance with regulatory guidelines with no incidents/injuries.