Pennsylvania House - Plant/Silo/Smokestack

Location: Lewisburg, PA
Project Value: < $1MM

Scope of Work: This project involved the remediation of hazardous materials and subsequent demolition of a 480,000 sq ft former furniture manufacturing plant. ERSI was contracted to abate all asbestos containing materials, including four boilers in the two powerhouses. All universal waste was removed including, oils, fluorescent lights, mercury switches, and PCB ballasts. After abatement was completed, demolition of the plant began. At the request of the owner, ERSI crushed the concrete and brick to 3” minus, for future onsite use. In addition to the demolition services of the main manufacturing plant, a 150’ smokestack was imploded, and a 90’ concrete silo was taken down with the debris from both removed and/or recycled. All work was completed on time and in accordance with regulatory guidelines, with no incidents/injuries.