Department of Energy (DOE) Cooling Towers

Location: Piketon, OH
Project Value: < $1MM

Scope of Work: ERSI was contacted to complete abatement of asbestos in multiple structures at the Piketon, Ohio Department of Energy facility. Our work included abatement in four cooling towers, two pump houses, an area in the electrical switch yard and two buildings on the campus. The four cooling towers were approximately 45’ X 240’ X 40’, and the towers had a combined 112,500 sq ft of transite panels on the outside. One cooling tower had seven interior double walls (16,800 sq ft) segmenting it. After the outside transite panels on the tower were removed, a variance was granted to demolish the balance of the tower with the interior double transite walls in place. The two pump houses were two story structures that had approximately 28,400 sq ft of transite on the façade and varying amounts of friable asbestos containing material inside. All work was completed on time and in accordance with regulatory guidelines, with no incidents/injuries.